Supply of Spare Parts

Comprehensive Spare Parts Selection

At NH Maintenance Ltd, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. As part of this commitment, we maintain an extensive inventory of thousands of spare parts and accessories for all types of medical equipment. Our dedication to keeping your equipment functioning optimally is reflected in the diverse range of components we offer, including:

  • $

    Actuators & Motors

  • $


  • $

    Bed Frames

  • $

    Bed Cotsides

  • $ Bed Headboards
  • $ Chargers & Power Supplies
  • $ Control PCB’s
  • $ Control Boxes
  • $ Castors
  • $ Handsets
  • $ Hoist Booms, Legs & Crossmembers
  • $ Mains Cables
  • $ Spreader Bars
  • $ Lift Tapes

And the list goes on! We pride ourselves on finding the part you need for you to fit, which we know keeps costs down and the wheels of your care establishment turning.

If you require any spare part or accessory for your medical equipment, we’re here to help. Contact us now at 01444 250 350, and our knowledgeable Technical Support Team will be delighted to assist you. Or check out our parts and equipment website.

Your equipment’s reliability is our priority.

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